View Full Version : Some background on the Stangs United Club and this forum website:

10-10-2011, 11:31 AM
Rules on this Forum Site are decided on by the Board of Directors of Stangs United, a 501c7 not-for-profit social club under IRS rules. As such, the officers and the board volunteer their time and none receive any compensation for their work. All officers and board members also financially contribute as members of the club.

As a non-profit social club the goal of Stangs United is to be an Automotive Club wherein a broad range of like-minded automotive enthusiasts can socialize; develop a membership camaraderie; share automotive ownership interests and experiences; share technical information, insight and knowledge; and collectively keep current on emerging automotive industry trends and evolving technologies as may interest the collective membership.

This website is a communications vehicle intended primarily for club members -- those who have donated to and joined as members of the Club. We also share much of the website forums with those who register here and have accepted its rules.
We believe that doing so will expose more like-minded individuals to the club and its benefits and potentially encourage those who have interest in the club to donate and join.

While the Club Members only section of this forum site is exclusive to club members, the member Family Forums are viewable by all site registrants and club members but can be posted-in by club members only.

All general site forums, including Anything and Everything, and all Technical Forums are open for both reading and posting by all site registrants and club members alike.

We realize many automotive enthusiasts have a strong interest in the technical forums and general automotive discussion as do our club members and such topics encourage the type of interaction that we believe will expose the club to like-minded individual (and vice versa) who may have interest in joining the club.

The annual member donation is $20/year, though many members have generously chosen to donate more. All officers and board members also donate annually in addition to volunteering their time and effort.
A member Family Forum -- essentially a forum named by an individual member but open for posting to all 'current' members -- is available to any members for a one-time set-up donation of $20 which is in addition to the recurring annual membership donation.

We hope all regular registered visitors who enjoy this forum website will consider the benefits of membership some of which are:

 club-only events,
 club apparel offers,
 club-only forum area,
 optional member family forums,
 annual meeting participation, and
 the opportunity to help the board of directors manage the club consistent with the needs of the membership –

We hope you will consider supporting us by joining and become a club member with us here at Stangs United.

We sincerely encourage your ongoing feedback, participation and support which is vital to the success of the Stangs United family.

The officers and board of Stangs United