View Full Version : So! Now we know... The Boss 429 Was Intentionally Hamstrung! Great Article!

08-15-2016, 11:23 PM
What a great read!

Well, I always wondered why the Boss-9 was only marginally quicker (if at all) than the Boss 351 -- this explains ...the Boss-9 was hamstrung for driveability. How do we now know this? Because Bunky Knudsen made this Boss 429 what it should have been all along and had planned to put the improvements into production but Ford decided the car was too close to the end of it's run to warrant the investment.

But this Boss-9 lives on, and the Autoloite Shop Tips (sort of the Ford Racing Tips of the day) instead published how you could seriously improve your Boss-9 ...with or without the magic heads, based on the improvement Ford prototyped on this very car.

An insightful read for sure!! One thing they don't address was weather they used any of the improved (high rpm) NASCAR internals (which used the drilled con-rods, among many other improvements) or some other variation ...probably could track down from the part number.

So this is what the Boss-9 could have been and was intended to be ...had the program not been axed.


Btw, the CJ with the big FE motor that follows the above article is way cool too!