• First Look - Roush Lineup

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    ROUSH Performance is a company known for their performance Mustangs. For the 2014 model year, the company plans to offer a variety of different model Mustangs, from a stylish V6 Mustang all the way up to the company’s supercharged ROUSH Stage 3 pony.

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    The ROUSH RS (Roush Six) V6 Mustang features a standard 305 horsepower powertrain, in addition to a high flow upper grille, front chin splitter, side rocker splitters, and rear decklid spoiler. The car also features custom 18-inch premium painted aluminum wheels .
    The car also is equipped with ROUSH progressive lowering springs. The company says this combination lowers the car approximately one inch front to rear and reduces the car’s center of gravity, providing quicker steering response and a better feel of the road.

    On the inside you’ll find ROUSH embroidered floor mats, billet performance pedals and a ROUSH center console badge. Optional RS interior upgrades include "RS" embroidered GT charcoal leather seating or ROUSH sport leather seating, white or black shifter ball, suede wrapped performance steering wheel and ROUSH illuminated door sill plates.

    In all, the RS Mustang is said to get an estimated 31 mpg on the highway.

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    The ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang (RS1) features Ford’s Coyote 5.0L V8 engine, producing approximately 420 horsepower. Features include a Stage 1 upper grille badge, ROUSH "R" fender badges, Stage 1 decklid badge, rear faux gas cap "R" badge, and Jack Roush’s signature graphic on the rear decklid.
    On the inside it features ROUSH embroidered floor mats, ROUSH center console button, Stage 1 dash medallion, Jack Roush signature graphic on the dash and under the hood is a serialized Stage 1 plaque.

    ROUSH says the main contents of the Stage 1 come from the R6 sixth-generation ROUSH aerobody package. This changes the front look of the car with the ROUSH designed upper grille, high-flow lower opening (grille eliminator), corner fascia aero pockets with driving lamps and front chin splitter.

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    ROUSH’s Stage 2 Mustang is also powered by Ford’s Coyote 5.0L V8 engine, producing an estimated 420 horsepower. Like the Stage 1, the Stage 2 comes with a classic ROUSH aero body kit, custom wheel options, and various interior upgrades.
    In addition to this, the Stage 2 package features a racetrack inspired suspension designed to improve overall handing on and off the track. Enhancements include a larger, stiffer front stabilizer bar to reduce body roll and provide balanced, neutral handling. It also includes twin-tube shocks with unique valving to keep maximum tire contact patch on the ground, even while driving on uneven terrain. The company says the springs have an increased rate as well and are pre-set so they won’t sag.

    Like the other models in the 2014 lineup, exterior features of the Stage 2 include ROUSH front windshield banner, Stage 2 badge in the upper grille, ROUSH "R" fender badges, rear decklid Stage 2 badge, rear faux gas cap "R" badge, and a Jack Roush signature graphic on the decklid.

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    The RS3, Roush Stage 3 Package, is the most powerful Mustang in the ROUSH Performance lineup. This “ROUSHCharged” Mustang produces a standard 575 horsepower and 505 lb./ft. of torque thanks to ROUSH’s supercharger. According to the company, ROUSH chassis engineers spent thousands of hours in development and testing to create the perfect set up to aid in acceleration, cornering and ride quality.
    On the interior, the RS3 features a custom gauge cluster (when built on premium base models only), ROUSH embroidered floor mats, a ROUSH center console button, a Stage 3 dash medallion and Jack Roush's signature graphic on the dash. Under the hood are a serialized Stage 3 plaque and a chassis build plaque.

    Those looking for something more can opt for the “Aluminator” forged engine, which was designed in collaboration with Ford Racing. Those who opt for the Aluminator engine can select either a ROUSH Phase 2 package, producing 625 horsepower, or the ROUSH Phase 3 package offering an impressive 675 horsepower. The Phase 2 and Phase 3 upgrade kits are available through the ROUSH Performance product catalog.