Installation of passport 9500ci ultimate radar and laser defense system.

Main control, main display and speaker

(2) front laser receiver/shifters and (1) rear Laser receiver/shifter

Remote Radar receiver, GPS antenna , Main junction hub

Removed front upper grill to access desired Radar mounting location just below center hood latch
Also put car on jack stands , removed both front tires, wheel shrouds on driver side and front chin spoiler.

Marked holes for bracket and drilled

Sealed bare metal with new paint

Used locktite on threads of stainless steel screws

Mounted radar unit as straight and level as possible and ran wires to driver’s side wheel well using tie wraps and wire loom.

Made two new aluminum brackets to mount the receivers behind the lower grill as low as possible. I thought the brackets supplied were not strong enough . I used stainless hardware to secure them to the bottom of the grille. I’ll probably paint the screws satin black later.

Using wire loom ,tiewraps and the supplied grommets I ran them through the factory location. ( it’s the cluster of three on the right of the pic )

I first removed the trunk floor covering and the rear trunk latch cover to access the wiring route.
I thought the best place to mount this was under the rear license plate so I lined up the hole with the wire outlet and drilled a ¼” hole in the bumper cover just behind where the plate would cover it.

I inserted the wire and fished it up into the trunk through a factory grommet.

I decided to then mount the GPS receiver inside the car on the rear deck where I thought it would work the best. Actually the best place would be on the top of the roof at the highest point but that was not an option.
First I drilled a ½” hole through the steel deck from the trunk side being careful to place a 1/8” thick piece of aluminum sheet metal above between the deck and the glass so the drill could not come in contact with the glass. I then mounted the GPS receiver on top of the rear deck using the suction cup mount supplied and routed the wire through the hole into the trunk. Then I replaced the trunk interior pieces.

I then removed the rear seat, driver side rear side cover , driver’s seat , the SVT door threshold cover and front side cover so I could run the GPS and rear laser wires to the front driver side dash area.
Again all wires were tiewraped and wire loomed.


I removed the Bezels for the instrument panel to allow access for wiring .

I decided to mount the control where it would be user friendly so I opted to mount it just to the left side of the radio. There was no reason to drill any holes for this control but I did have to drill a ¼” hole to install the alert light just under the control.

I then decided to mount the display where I could see it easily just under the dash overhang in the center between the tach and speedo.
Since both the contol and the display were only a little over an inch long they fit very nicely . I really like the blue display …..after all it is the fastest color.

I also installed a computer uplink port under the dash next to the PCM connector.

Here are some pics of the finished locations.

The main connection hub and remote speaker were installed under the dash up out of sight and I ran a new main power source from the power distribution box under the hood to a new 4 gang fuse box that I can use for anything in the future as well.